School Curriculum Day.
Both kids home from school.
One with new birthday toys to entertain him.
The other at a loose end.

Want to make a pom pom?
[Thinking: you can sit next to me in the office while I work…]
Super easy activity;
and use some yarn remnants.

A good 3 hours later…
with a snack break or two thown in…
I am snipping through her layers.
[Ooo – look – Shibui Heichi, Malabrigo Lace, Tosh Merino, Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted….]

The Proud Parent of a new Pom Pom.

The following day (the Melbourne Cup, a Public Holiday) we had 5 kids here,
all 5 wanted to make pom poms…
It was a veritable Pom Pom Production Line.
My girl now planning a Pom Pom Mobile for her room!