We’ve had the most perfect weekend.
The kind where you get home
still basking in the afterglow of relaxation
and a little touch of sunburn.
You sleep heavily and soundly in your own bed,
with mountains of washing
and shaking out sandy shoes and pockets.
And laughing at the funny times.

Yep. One of those weekends.
And all the more special because you can’t really schedule them.
The company and the weather and the location
all somehow align with each other and voila!
Classic memories.

Like the koala in the tree around the corner
letting me capture his call.
And then playing it for another koala.
Who literally chased us. I kid you not.
Hysterically funny.

Anais kept a tally of native animals we saw:
2 koalas
1 kangaroo
2 echidnas
1 swamp wallaby
3 emus
2 dead wombats
1 dead blue tongue lizard
“Millions” of tiny rabs (that looked a little too similar to spiders for Anais to handle!).

I used my recently acquired wetsuit and snorkelled.
Discovery: wet suits really do work!
Yes, my head almost froze and I could barely feel my toes
but I managed to see some stunning fish out there.

And, yes, the sand at Squeaky Beach really does squeak.