My friends, meet Dresden.
A proud member of Wool People 4.
And a real honour to be included in another Brooklyn Tweed Collaboration.

This is a design especially for those who “love to layer”.
Living in Melbourne, we are intimately familiar with this fashion concept:
our notoriously unpredictable “4 seasons in one day” *
leaves me constantly looking for that perfect little ‘something’
to layer up, or layer down,
whether it be summer or winter or basically anywhere inbetween.

The pattern provides details for a cardigan or vest.
The draped front panels provide stylish edge;
working equally well as outerwear or
topped with a jacket for extra chic.

Fitted shaping to the back and shoulders
ensures a flattering form and good fit.
The shaped neckband allows either a collared blouse
or scarf to be worn comfortably.

The cardigan’s slim fit sleeves are to the wrist,
designed particularly to minimise bulk.
[If you prefer sleeves to stretch over your hands,
simply lengthen before commencing the increase section.]

*For those who have never been to Melbourne,
we even have a song about our weather.