Hard to believe: my baby is now seven.
She has been a’counting down the days,
bursting for her Big Day to arrive.
Telling everyone she meets/sees/sees again that
“It’s my birthday soon!”

I wince inwardly as I remember being so super mega bumper excited, too.
I would like awake days beforehand with anticipation and excitement.
I can also confirm this heightened level of anticipation
only dropped off around the 30 year mark for me.
So, yes, we’ve got a loooong way to go!

Meantimes, I hope we managed to live up to the hype for her:
She is eagerly watching her butterfly chrysalis,
willing it to open before her very eyes.
The 10 pin bowling game with her friend literally ended in tears when she didn’t win…
Her end of year ballet concert to participate in.

The class mascot for the weekend to be photographed and included in every event
including assisting with her birthday cake.
Her choice of favourite meal and friends to share it with.
The “Boy Barbie” she wanted (the only toy she asked for).
The overnight bag (“Just what I always wanted!”)

The joy of seven.
Ever enthusiastic + empathetic,
living her life as large as possible.
Enjoy it, my sweet girl. xx