Amime 2

網目 | AMIME : Japanese (Romanji) for (n) mesh, halftone.

The final of four new designs released at TNNA last weekend:
this is a spectacular piece that has been literally years in the making.
I have long been intrigued with this unique stiff silk
and keen to create a design to express the incredible texture.

Amime 3

Amime is definitely a design statement.
You may curse me as you work the yarn
but, trust me, you will truly adore the result.
And I always receive comments when I wear this.

Amime 1

I love the wide neckline and the stocking stitch edge roll to the hems,
perfectly matched with the top down raglan seams.
I’ve shown Model A here – the cropped tee –
with 3 optional lengths provided in the pattern.

Amime 4

Designed with generous sizing for stylish ease:
try Model B (blouse length) with a casual chunky belt over bootleg jeans and a crisp white tshirt or blouse
try Model C (dress length) with a matching ribbon woven through the loops to cinch the waist over a slip dress.

Please note, the yarn will soften with washing and wearing over time
although I am captivated with the raw ‘crunchy’ tactility of this amazing yarn.

Special credits:
Tamara Erbacher – you’ve outdone yourself this time with these stunning images –
thank you, as always. x