Zenmon 2
前門| ZENMON : Japanese (Romanji) for (n) front gate.

Japanese temple gates provide the design inspiration for this seamless wrap.
The isosceles trapezium of the shawl represents the perspective of tall gates,
whilst the mitred ribbed edging frames three sides of this stunning piece.

Zenmon 4

After using the new MillaMia Aran yarn for my re-released Sev[en]circle pattern,
I was keen to design a new piece that could be worn next to the skin
and capitalise on the fabulous stitch definition this yarn offers.

Zenmon 3

The asymmetric design is knit lengthwise (mmm, that’s a LOT of stitches on your needles);
with the generous length you can wear this as a shawl, a wrap or as a chunky scarf.
I simply adore the asymmetry: extra width and warmth over your shoulders
with a ‘feature’ end to artistically drape.
P E R F E C T.
(Ahem. In my book of styling, anyway.)

Zenmon 1