Namiki 223 red
Namiki A red 1
Namiki 206 red
Above: Model A (Woolfolk Tynd; Colour 9)

並木 NAMIKI: Japanese (Romanji) for (n) row of trees, roadside tree.

This design stemmed from Kozue, a scarf with a ‘Treetops’ feature worked across the row.
The trick with this new design, is those ‘Treetops’ vary in height
creating the visual effect of a row of trees, diminishing into the distance.

Namiki 153 red
Namiki 119 red
Above: Model B (Blue Sky Alpacas Royal; Colour Natural/Alabaster)

I originally knit the Alpaca version of this travelling in Europe 18 months ago.
At the time, I loved the lineal structure of the birch forests in central Italy;
so very different to my Australian landscape.

As I recently reknit my design using the beautiful Woolfolk
I recalled those diminishing lines of trees whizzing past my window.
A perfect fit with this developed treetop motif.

Now, I am not going to pretend this is an easy knit.
Those wretched YO’s are indeed painfully slow to work across the length of the design.
But, for me at least, it was worth it for the end result – I adore the asymmetry of it.

So, if you loved Kozue, you will be ready for the challenge and elegant beauty of Namiki.

Namiki red 165

And please meet our new pup! Zali is a Red Kelpie and 13 weeks young.
She is providing endless hours of amusement.
And photo bombing opportunities.