Tsumugi Tshirt Front 2
Above: Model A Top
Tsumugi Tunic 1
Above: Model B Tunic

RAKU: Japanese (Romanji) for (n) ease, comfort.

I have been itching to use Habu Textiles Tsumugi Silk again and
I simply adore this incredibly comfortable result.

The design is worked in Reverse Stocking Stitch with 2 threads held together.
However, this is knit on the Wrong Side in Stocking Stitch, quick sticks.
The hem is provisionally cast on in the round,
then folded with the cast on made live and knitted in for a truly professional finish.

Tsumugi Tshirt Front 3
Above: Model A Top
Tsumugi Tunic 2
Above: Model B Tunic

Side shaping to the waist creates a flattering A line and further shaping to the underarms.
At this point, you will separate and work the rest of the garment flat, back and forth.
The shoulders are shaped with short rows to form cap sleeves with a grafted shoulder seam.
The neckline and armholes are completed with an I-cord edging for a sharp, tailored result.

Tsumugi Tunic Detail 5
Tsumugi Tunic Detail 4
Above: Model B Tunic

It really is like slipping on your softest tshirt that you’ve loved forever.
It is light, airy and just perfect over your favourite jeans.
I hope you love it as much as I do!
Ravelry Pattern link here.