Shikakkei Front Hero

形 | Kei : Japanese for shape.

The Kei Collection is a sophisticated knitwear collection and comprises three designs
exploring the sumptuous Woolfolk Tynd yarn with refined details and elegant fit.
The drawstring details provide subtle styling adjustments with a modern twist.

Shikakkei Drawstring Detail
Shikakkei Cuff Detail

四角形 | Shikakkei (with a stylish SQUARE neck detail), as seen above.
A top down sweater with deep raglan sleeves and a square neck that I just love to wear!
The Woolfolk SNO is sumptuous on the body, the reverse stocking stitch adds to the softer aesthetic
whilst the refined sleeve cuff and drawstring hip detail take this to another level.
I seriously adore this piece and am quite smug with myself whenever I wear it.
(Shh. Don’t let anyone know that last bit, ok?)

By the way, you can freely substitute Woolfolk Tynd for SNO as they are the same yarn:
Tynd is 2 plys of the same colour; SNO is 2 plys of 2 different colours.

Enkei Front Hero
Enkei Back Hero Detail
円形 | Enkei (with a cinched CIRCLE back detail)
The drawstring feature on this sophisticated top down cardigan became
the consistent thread to tie the entire collection together. (Yes, bad pun but true!)
The slim fit sleeves hold the unique shape and drape of the cardigan on the shoulders
whilst the cinched back shaping creates a stylish statement behind-the-play.

Rokkakkei Cowl Side 1
Rokkakkei Hat Hero

六角形 | Shikakkei (with a cosy HEXAGON stitch detail)
A main aim with this cowl design was to create a beautiful design with ONE SKEIN only.
My other design intentions was to make it super warm,
apply a drawstring for styling options and an extra snug cinch if needed and unisex.
As I designed the Cowl, I then thought – wow – this would make such a great hat…
Et voila! Two design options in the one pattern! Hooray!
Both designs use just one skein of either Woolfolk Tynd or Sno (aside from the largest size of hat).

AND Sunspun Fine Yarns are hosting a Collection Launch on Friday, 8th and Saturday 9th of July.
The lovely Sunspun is offering a 10% discount on pattern + Woolfolk Tynd for these 2 days.
I will be instore on Saturday between 11.30am and 3.30pm to help you with fit and yarn selections.
If you’d like more information – do subscribe to the Sunspun Newsletter or contact the shop directly.
I hope to see you there!