Hyo Full Length View
Hyo Rear View 1

Hyo : Japanese (Romanji) for (n) leopard.

The gorgeous colours of Wool Days Scout yarn were a definite inspiration for this design.
This minimally processed biodynamic merino yarn intimated a likewise gentle design response:
a slouchy hat seemed entirely appropriate.
Colour pop, comfy fit, cosy warmth. Tick, tick, tick!

Hyo Side View 1

A big thank you to my girl for modelling this so stylishly (she chose the outfit)
but by no means is this hat limited to our younger friends and family!
This is the “Adult Average” size listed in the pattern
with an additional size up or down to suit your intended victim owner.

Hyo Front View 1

I worked the Spotted Pattern using a combination of intarsia and stranded colourwork techniques.
Use a separate bobbin or butterfly of Feature Yarn for each spot,
catching the new yarn around the old to prevent a hole when changing colours,
but don’t bother with separate bobbins for each section of background colour
— simply float the Main Yarn across the wrong side of the work to where it is needed next.
Easy peasy.

Hyo Front View 2

Hat begins with a 2×2 rib brim, worked flat in the charted Spotted Pattern with a simple seam.
Pattern includes instructions to make the pompom.
I will admit mine was PACKED with all the remaining yarn.
I adore how plump, squishy and heavy it is. Ahem.