Phew! Home. Unpacked. Slept. And slept some more.
And still basking in the glow of the weekend that was The Craft Sessions 2016.
Yet another brilliant weekend with a beautiful community of crafting cleverlies.
Felicia has developed and refined a formula that continues to inspire and uplift.

I was honoured to teach again with a full schedule,
full classes and a full heart.
(Ahhh, it had to be said!).
Thank you to all who make this event so special. x

My only regret is that I don’t get to join in the other workshops:
Spoon carving – yes, please!
Marlisle – I’d love to!
Learning directly from Ms Pattern Fantastique herself? I wish!

And without further ado, my winner from the Weekend Giveaway
using the Random Number Generator is:
GABEY from Coco’s Lunch!
[Do follow the link to her website – amazing creative woman that she is.]