網戸 | Amido : Japanese (Romanji) for screen door.

The amazing Woolfolk yarn provides the base for this bold design.
Make a statement with this surprisingly quick knit.
2 skeins of Super-Bulky Hygge will make either the Cowl or the Scarf,
both options included in the pattern.

The Cowl is worked flat with a 3 needle bind off to join in a loop.
It can be worn looped once or twice for extra snug.
Or as a shawl or stole to display the open weave.
Or, even as a skirt (see below!).

The Scarf is worked flat with garter stitch ends.
A unisex option that should answer that pesky
“What to make < insert troublesome loved one's name here > for Christmas” quandry.

The Skirt (yes, SKIRT!!), is simply a styling option using the Cowl:
thread a smooth leather belt through the top loops to fasten.
Et voila! A multitasking cowl. Oh, yes.