Over summer, a few friends joined in a Greyness Print Swap. Easy: design and print 7 pieces of 50 x 50cm fabric in grey tones over the summer holidays. Hard: the reality of suppliers on holidays, my family on holidays, my finances on holidays, my brain on holidays. I settled on print making with foam […]


A sweet piece of artwork by Anais from last year. So when I was wracking my brain tearing my hair out exploring what I might do for my Greyness Print Swap, I, ahem, “poached” her design squiggle for one of the two designs I worked up. I really love watching my children draw and colour […]


A few new printed scarves now available in the shop. A veritable smorgasbord of our print exploration this summer!


As an adjunct to another print swap I was in, I ran a small print swap for our kids: 7 of my crafty friends with 10 of our kids. Open to interpretation on a piece of 50x50cm natural fabric. Tom traced over a picture of a retro TV Anais drew a bird. Conversion to a […]


Di organised a mini printed fabric swap for a few of us who managed to miss this one. Duh. I truly love printmaking. Always have. I did a lithography course years ago. And a previous employer taught me etching. Just never seems enough time… So, for this I added the ends of my fat quarters […]